Aviation Services

Years of work, experience and constant challenges enriched the range of our activities

Aeronautical Equipment

We are able to procure all aeronautical equipment such as

  • ground power supplies
  • work platforms for for airplanes & helicopters
  • equipment for aircraft avionics systems, test equipment and aircraft instruments

Subscription & Courses

Subscription for database & Navigation charts:

  • data cards
  • update and annual subscription
  • navigation charts (paper and electronic format)

We organize training courses for pilots and technical staff in accredited organizations:

  • The Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organisation (JAA TO)
  • Bell Helicopter Training Academy
  • FlightSafety International

Simulators & Systems

We deliver and maintain simulators and aeronautical systems:

  • radar simulators for air traffic control
  • flight simulators for pilot training

We offer optionally a support and maintenance contract. The following components are part of the support contract:

  • support via telephone hotline or e-mail
  • availability of spare parts
  • system check via remote access
  • software updates, including description of update
  • remote access for maintenance work